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Mobile X-ray machine "MobiRen-4MT-A" series

Increased mobility of the machine and the ability to work without constant access to electrical network of the institution allows to carry out urgent research, saving the time of the doctor and the patient.

"MobiRen-4MT-A" provides high clarity of images at minimum beam load. The digital workstation, which is equipped with the apparatus, allows processing the obtained images directly in place, achieving the required quality without re-shooting and re-irradiation of the patient.

The set is delivered with:

  • wireless flat panel portable digital receiver (43x35 cm);
  • wireless button for exposure activation;
  • Automated X-ray workstations based on a tablet computer;
  • with a backpack bag for carrying and storing the receiver, AWS and chargers.


  • lightweight folding rack;
  • passes into narrow corridors and cramped elevators;
  • The digital part of the device is carried in a separate backpack bag, allowing you to transport the device both to one person and together.


  • All components of the apparatus: X-ray feeder (ECR), digital receiver and X-ray sample AWS - can operate from internal energy sources without requiring connection to the institution's network.

Diagnostic Speed:

  • The device does not require shutdown when moving from room to room;
  • all parts of the set can be connected to each other over a wireless network, without requiring a cable connection before starting operation;
  • the image is transmitted via Wi-Fi from a full-size digital receiver and is displayed on the tablet immediately after exposure.


  • ECR, emitter and ECR power batteries are combined into one housing, which eliminates the presence of high-voltage wires, and in offline operation - wires in general;
  • The digital part of the device is stored in the backpack bag and carried separately from the rack, which reduces the risk of damage to the receiver or AWS when the device moves.


  • The WS of a lab technician based on a tablet can be placed on a rack or where it is convenient for the user;
  • use of touch panels on ECR and laboratory assistant's AWS;
  • wireless communication with hospital network for transmission of received images.

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