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We equip with the necessary

medical equipment

of domestic production

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We equip with the necessary

medical equipment

of domestic production

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Medical equipment in Almaty

"B2U" LLP is the official member of "MedRemZavod Holding" founded in 1965. The trading house B2U" LLP puts into operation the systems of medical gas supply (SMG) and complexes of clean premises (CCP) with air purification and decontamination system, including laminar flow devices and other equipment under its own trademark "ARLAN". On the basis of the production site of KazMed Aspap, B2U manufactures various types of medical equipment.


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Why should you choose us?

  1. Fast delivery

    Our managers will contact you and deliver the item quickly

  2. Product Warranty!

    We provide warranty for the supplied equipment, also perform any service according to the terms of the contract

  3. Over 7 years on the market

    Extensive experience in the manufacture of medical equipment

  4. We work throughout Kazakhstan

    We deliver to any city of Kazakhstan

  5. Available Prices

    Some of the most profitable prices for a wide range of medical equipment

  6. Service 24/7

    We conduct our clients throughout the entire period of equipment service, providing prompt solutions to service issues

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Competent specialist consultation and selection of equipment suitable for your specifics

Delivery all over Kazakhstan and near abroad

Equipment Commissioning

Service warranty and post-warranty service

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