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Medical luminaire mobile "ARLAN"

Medical luminaires "ARLAN" mobile multi-reflector brands "PR-6-10" LED, "PRM-6-11 LED" are designed to illuminate the working field during inspections, low-complexity operations and dressings.

The illumination value and the size of the work field are adjusted.

Lamp switches and light field value controllers are built into the lighting housing.

They have natural light transmission and minimal heating of the operational field.

The exterior finish of the lamp allows wet treatment with a conventional disinfectant solution.

Technical specifications

The size of the light field is from 200 mm to 350 mm;

The diameter of the lighting unit is 500mm;

Color temperature - 4500 ± 200K;

The number of LEDs is 110 pcs.;

The service life of LEDs is up to 50,000 hours;

The maximum illumination of the working field is ≥140,000 lux;

AC power supply - 220V, 50 Hz;

Power consumption - 70 W;

Light reduction index (Ra) - 96;

The illumination depth is 1020 mm.

Maximum illumination - 380W/m ².

Emergency operation time (lamp with accumulator) - up to 2 hours.

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