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"DM-MT SOLO" wireless portable receiver

MTL has developed the world's first next-generation wireless portable receiver for mammography. Receiver "SOLO DM-MT" - "second life" of analog mammography machines. The device makes it possible to upgrade analogue equipment into a modern digital complex without making changes to the design of the device and use all digital mammography tools for diagnosing breast diseases:

  • 24 x 30 cm format,
  • pixel size is not more than 50 μm,
  • resolution of at least 10 pairs of lines/mm.


"SOLO DM-MT" wireless portable receiver supply options:



  • Compatibility with analog mammography machines of any manufacturer;
  • The ability to obtain digital mammographic images on an existing analog device without acquiring a new expensive digital mammograph;
  • Easy integration of "SOLO DM-MT" into the existing apparatus;
  • Increased mammography room throughput during screening studies due to high productivity;
  • Formation of a digital diagnostic image in DICOM format with subsequent transmission of the image to the AWS of radiologists or PACS-system of the medical organization.

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