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Mammograph X-ray screening "Mammo-4-MT"

Mammography machine provides high quality X-ray breast image required for accurate diagnosis and early stage detection of cancer.

Mammo-4-MT screening mammograph is delivered in the following versions:

1.  with an indirect 24x30 cm digital flat panel receiver with a pixel size of less than 50 μm.

Receiver provides high speed of obtaining high-quality digital images. The technology of indirect conversion of X-rays into electrical signals and specially designed software guarantee stability of operation and obtaining the highest quality images regardless of ambient temperature.

The state-of-the-art automated X-ray sample workstation installed on the X-ray screen allows you to fully automate the study process, simplifying work and minimizing the time of the study. The system provides data according to the standard DICOM 3.0 protocol, transmitting the obtained diagnostic images to the ARM of radiologists and PACS systems, as well as receiving lists of assigned studies (DICOM worklists).

The company recommends that the mammograph be equipped with an automated radiologist workstation (specialization: mammography), equipped with two specialized medical high-contrast monitors with a resolution of at least 5 MPx, providing the doctor with a complete set of necessary tools for a full analysis of diagnostic images.

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