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X-ray diagnostic apparatus for 3 workplaces "UniKORD-MT"

Modern X-ray machine for 3 workplaces.

The machine allows you to quickly and efficiently perform large amounts of research, short-term with minimum beam load.

Equipment supplied by X-ray protection kit and dosimeter.

UNIORD-MT for 3 workplaces can be supplied in the following versions:

  • Two stationary full-length flat panel digital receivers;
  • Complex with turntable rack, microprocessor cassette receiver;
  • Control, digital X-ray image amplifier with working area diameter not less than 9, drawing table with tomography option, elevator on table, vertical drawing stand;
  • Two full-fledged digital flat panel receivers (table and drawing racks);
  • Rotating anode X-ray two-focus emitters;
  • X-ray generator with a large set of anatomical programs;
  • A full digital mobile broadband receiver;
  • Computer radiography systems.

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