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Defibrillator automatic DA-N-01

Automatic external defibrillators DA-N «Axion» is a line of portable defibrillators designed for resuscitation in case of sudden cardiac arrest in children and adults. For paramedics and employees of the Ministry of Emergencies and other rescue services

The advantages of the DA-N «Axion» defibrillators:

  • High runtime without recharging (up to 5 years in standby mode/12 hours in monitoring mode/200 discharges up to 360 J).
  • 7 inch TFT color information display showing ECG curves, heart rate, age mode, energy level, battery charge level
  • Automatic daily self-test and self-diagnostics of performance at switch-on
  • Residual battery capacity indication
  • Voice and visual prompts on the front panel of the defibrillator on the correct application of electrodes on the chest of the patient, on the discharge and the proceeding to closed-chest cardiac massage
  • Record of up to 1000 recent events, including ECG, on an external microSD card and subsequent transfer to a PC for analysis
  • Power level can be adjusted from 10 to 100 J for resuscitation of children and from 100 to 360 J for adults
  • Possibility to adjust volume of voice commands according to the ambient noise level
  • The set includes 5 disposable defibrillation electrodes for adults, on request the set can be completed with electrodes for children
  • Operating temperature from 0° to +45° C

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