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Equipment package for air cleanliness in medical institutions

A clean room is a room where the size and number per cubic meter of particles such as dust, microorganisms, aerosol particles and chemical vapors are maintained in the air in a certain given range. Other parameters, such as humidity, pressure and temperature, may also be monitored as required. Such rooms are generally constructed and used to minimize the ingress, generation and accumulation of such particles within the room. Clean room targets:

  • provision of sterility in medical institutions;
  • increase the percentage of recovery, patients by reducing hazardous particles in the air;
  • reduced risk of postoperative infectious complications
  • prevention of in-hospital infections

The main steps in creating a clean space are:

  • pre-design preparation;
  • design;
  • fabrication and preparation for installation;
  • installation;
  • acceptance tests;
  • certification;
  • maintenance and modernization

Clean Room Technology

The basic principle of ensuring cleanliness is to create excessive pressure in a "clean" room in relation to adjacent rooms. This is ensured by creating an air imbalance in it, that is, a difference between the amount of supply and exhaust air.


Clean room technology provides comfortable working conditions for the entire medical staff, reduces the number of postoperative infectious complications, reduces the risks of hospital infections.

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