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Universal radiographic apparatus "UniverRS-Fluorograph-MT"

Universal radiographic diagnostic machine.

"UniverRS-Fluorograph-MT" is used for fluorographic, as well as all types of polypositional (patient standing, sitting, lying in the presence of a roller table), polyproject radiographic digital studies under stationary X-ray conditions offices of medical institutions *.

"UniverRS-Fluorograph-MT" is delivered:

  • with a stationary flat-panel digital X-ray receiver;
  • the size of which reaches 43x43 cm;
  • a matrix of at least 3000x3000 pixels;
  • Such a large working field of a digital detector allows for a full fluorographic examination in one exposure, regardless of the size of the chest.

* The device is implemented on a rotary shot tripod consisting of a column and a bar, which is a console with a radiator located at one end, and a digital image receiver on the other. The swivel bar provides ideal positioning during examination in the selected projection, due to free motorized vertical movement, motorized change of focal length and rotation of the emitter-detector system. To carry out studies in the lying position, the device is equipped with an X-ray translucent table-catalogue.

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