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X-ray mammograph with tomosynthesis "Mammo-5MT"

A digital X-ray mammograph with tomosynthesis provides a series of high-quality tomograms and displays a three-dimensional image of the breast using an optimized 3D reconstruction algorithm that reduces the need for additional studies (target mammography, additional pads).

To obtain projection images, specially designed digital high-resolution X-ray receivers are used (installed depending on the requirements of the customer). The receivers provide a faster image acquisition rate.

An automated doctor's workplace with specialized software allows you to view both three-dimensional images, removing layers of upper and lower tissues, as well as each reconstructed cut, which allows you to more accurately determine the spatial position of the area of interest in the breast thickness.

  • Improving the detection of nodular formations in the mammary gland and improving differential diagnosis of diseases accompanied by calcinate accumulation;
  • reduction of the number of false diagnoses according to the data of the conducted study;
  • reducing the number of unreasonable invasive interventions for differential diagnosis of network structures;
  • High research speed and low breast compression make the patient a more painful and stressful treatment procedure.


  • Hardware and software complex "DIARM-MT" (doctor's ARM);
  • Device for printing digital mammography images.

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