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TELEKORD-MT X-ray machine

X-ray machine "TELEKORD-MT" – modern alternative to X-ray apparatus for three workplaces radiography, radioscopy, all types of studies in general radiology and linear tomography.

"TELEKORD-MT" can be delivered in the following versions:

  • The 43x43 cm dynamic flat panel has a full-length digital receiver;
  • The flat surface of the receiver allows you to avoid distortion of the image associated with scaling, as well as capture 50% more territory than the 16-inch URI is used;
  • The use of materials with high detector sensitivity and low X-ray absorption coefficient makes it possible to significantly reduce the radiation load on the patient;
  • A feature of the complex is the possibility of performing high-resolution radiographic and radioscopic studies (up to 30 frames per second) in one receiver; digital equipment that allows recording and storing a series of X-ray examinations with unlimited duration Digital radiographic studies are performed using a high resolution mobile flat panel receiver or computer radiography system;
  • A feature of the complex is the possibility of conducting digital radiographic and radioscopic studies at one workstation.

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