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Treatment gas system


The need for oxygen supply has increased several times, and the existing O2 supply systems (cylinders, liquid oxygen) cannot cover the needs of medical institutions.

An efficient method of equipping O2!

Our company will solve this problem

There is no need for raw materials - we produce O2 from the air.

The calculation of gases is carried out according to the recommendations of specialists of the Scientific Research Institute of Ambulance named after N.V. Sklifosovsky (Moscow) on the basis of the accumulated experience in combating COVID-19 or according to SP 158.13330.2014 Buildings and premises of medical organizations. Design Rules (with Changes N 1, 2).

Full turnkey configuration:

  • Oxygen stations
  • Vacuum stations
  • Compressed air stations
  • Lines and infrastructure (RBM, RSH, pipelines)
  • Operating and intensive care consoles
  • Regulators, moisturizers, masks, cannulas

The following main types of medical gases are currently used in medical practice: oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical compressed air, carbon dioxide, xenon, as well as vacuum creation and removal of narcotic gases.

Oxygen station "ARLAN OXY" is an air separation complex for obtaining gaseous oxygen from atmospheric air using the method of short-cycle heat-free adsorption (CBA). Designed to provide consumers with oxygen.

What will happen after the quality of medical gases of medical institutions?

  • Safety and usability with maximum efficiency
  • Timely implementation of emergency measures for resuscitation and oxygen supply of patients with coronovirus infection COVID-19
  • 24x7 continuous and 24-hour gas supply for maximum respiratory support
  • Reducing the burden on medical personnel
  • Quality patient care and maximum survival

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