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Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator

Ultraviolet irradiator is a device that emits radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers and allows you to disinfect air and surfaces in the premises. The emitted rays have sufficient energy to destroy all types of bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus).

The main unique feature of our product is the presence of a protective screen that allows you to turn on the device in the presence of staff and customers.

What are the benefits of ultraviolet light?

  1. Quick results. 20-30 minutes enough for complete disinfection 20-25 square meters
  2. Destroys all types of viruses. UV rays with low wavelength and high energy destroy all types of viruses, including coronavirus.
  3. Improves working conditions in offices. Decontaminated air protects your business staff and customers
  4. Disinfects not only air but also all types of coatings. The device installed on the wall disinfects not only air, but also clothing, office furniture and office equipment

Technical specifications

  • Number of lamps - 1 unit.
  • Installation position - wall
  • Lamp type - ozone free "ZW30S19W
  • Power - 30 W.
  • Average period of operation - 8000 hours
  • Wavelength - 253.7 nm.
  • Processing area - 20-25 sq.m.
  • Power requirements - 220 V/50 Hz


Can staff and customers stay indoors during processing?

If the installation technique is followed (having a protective screen and installation at a height of at least 2-2.5 meters), our irradiator is absolutely safe and can be used in the presence of people.

Does the lamp release ozone during operation?

We use a special development - an ozone-free lamp that practically does not produce ozone. If you use a lamp for less than 20 minutes in an hour, you can not ventilate the room. If more than - 3-5 minutes of ventilation for every half hour of work.

Is ultraviolet dangerous to humans?

Prolonged and direct rays on a person's skin, eyes or retina can really cause serious health damage. However, a protective screen and proper installation will ensure security.

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