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Mobile X-ray machine "MobiRen-4MT" series

Mobile X-ray tent for wiring in intensive care units for patients therapy and resuscitation, traumatology and orthopedics.

The main features of mobile X-ray machines "MobiRen-4MT": compactness, mobility, lower weight, maneuverability, ease of operation.

The 4 kW feeder provides high quality X-ray imaging at minimal beam load. The equipment is supplied with an X-ray protection kit and an X-ray dosimeter.

MobiRen-4MT can be delivered in the following versions:

  • Digital (43x35 cm) with a digital receiver carried on a wireless flat panel;
  • High-quality digital image on the monitor screen immediately after exposure. The apparatus is equipped with a built-in dosimeter integrated into the electric circuit of the X-ray apparatus, which allows individual control of the effective dose of the patient in real time;

Advantages of MobiRen-4MT digital execution:

  • Enlarged touch screen;
  • Laying the tilt of the screen for the convenience of the laboratory assistant;
  • Wide selection of automatic exposure modes;
  • X-ray laboratory assistant's AWS is integrated into the apparatus design. The publication of the obtained data to the ARM of the radiologist or to the PACS server can be carried out both on a traditional cable network and on a wireless channel using the DICOM protocol.

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