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Universal radiographic apparatus "UniverRS-MT"

Universal radiographic apparatus "UniverRS-MT" is designed for carrying out polypopositional (standing, sitting, lying) polyproject

X-ray examination of chest organs (including fluorography), skull, bone-joint and other human systems and organs in inpatient X-ray rooms of medical institutions.

Quality and Cost Effective Solution for Medical organizations of any level.

The combination of ergonomic design and light weight of the device allows you to place it in a small office (minimum area 14 sq.m.).

Equipment supplied with X-ray protection kit and dosimeter X-ray radiation.

"UniverRS-MT" is delivered:

  • with a flat panel digital receiver that allows you to capture large areas of study, which is especially important when examining the chest and pelvic organs;
  • with a power generator having a large set of anatomical programs;
  • with collision protection devices preventing any situations involving risk to the patient and preventing equipment damage (automatic stop, reverse):
    • Photosensors located on a rotating rack for decelerating speed and stopping movement in case of interruption of the light beam by an object;
    • two collision detectors (on the tripod and image receiver) responding to any unexpected impact.

Control of tripod movements is possible from the panel located on the radiator, from the panel on the receiver and using the remote IR panel. System status information is displayed on the touch panel. The system is equipped with a rotary tripod, a radiographic R-transparent table-catalogue with a low absorption coefficient of X-ray radiation, an X-ray two-focus emitter with a rotating anode.

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