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TeleKORD-MT-Plus tele-controlled X-ray apparatus

"TeleKORD-MT-Plus" - a modern X-ray apparatus for three workplaces designed for all types of radiographic and X-ray examination, including in tomosynthesis, dual energy and pan.

TeleKORD-MT-Plus is the latest development of the company, in which, along with standard features include the following state-of-the-art features:

  • obtaining tomosynthetic images;
  • conducting research using multi-energy;
  • creating panoramic shots.

Remote control of the apparatus allows eliminating the effect of ionizing radiation on the radiologist during X-ray examination.

Tomosynthesis is a method based on performing a series of low-dose exposures (during the movement of the tube relative to the investigated object in an arc) and changing the position in the opposite direction of the receiving device - a flat-panel detector. It allows to obtain reconstructed three-dimensional image of the analysed organ.

The function of multi-energy research is a function that allows you to obtain a reconstructed image with suppression of bone or soft tissues, thanks to two low-dose exposures at different energies. The main application of this method is chest screening for the diagnosis of neoplasms in the lungs, which during a regular examination can be hidden by bone tissue and go unnoticed. It also allows estimating the density of bone structures.

The system of obtaining panoramic images allows to obtain complete images of the spine and lower extremities by stitching (stitching) several consecutive images of the examined organ.


  • dynamic flat full-length receiver (43 cm x 43 cm);
  • instantaneous switching of apparatus operation modes from radiography to radioscopy;
  • The wide area of capture makes it possible to perform examinations of large patients and conduct studies of large anatomical areas (abdominal cavity, pelvis, etc.);
  • performing high-resolution radiographic examinations and high-speed X-ray examinations on a single detector;
  • ease of use for patients in serious condition and with disabilities, children and elderly patients.

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