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Medical Console

The Arlan medical console is designed for convenient supply of medical gases, including oxygen, compressed air, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, vacuum, as well as anesthetic gas removal and power supply systems to intensive care rooms, intensive care rooms and general rooms.

Technical specifications:

The product is a prefabricated structure of an elongated aluminum profile, placed on a wall next to or above the bed. On the front side of the product there are connectors for rapid connection of medical gases, electrical components, including electrical sockets and earthing terminals, as well as a "nurse-patient" system call panel.

Technical parameters:

  • Number of quick connection connectors: 1-8;
  • number of electric sockets, piece: 2÷12;
  • number of grounding terminals, piece: 1÷2;
  • individual lighting, piece: 1÷2;
  • switch of individual lighting, 1÷2;
  • length of the hull, mm: 800 sound3000;
  • quantity of beds: 1÷2;
  • mains voltage, V: 220;
  • power of the light fixture of individual lighting is at least, W: 16;
  • housing material: aluminium alloy AD31;
  • case color: at the request of the customer from the RALClassic palette/anodization;
  • quick connection connector standard: DIN 13260-2;
  • operating pressure of medical gas quick connection connectors, MPa (kgf/cm2): 0.2 - 0.6 (2 - 6);
  • operating pressure of quick vacuum connection connectors, MPa (kgf/cm2): -0.08 - 0 (-0.8 0);
  • type of attachment: wall, horizontal/vertical.

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