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Medical luminaire "ARLAN" stationary modification "SR-1 (3 + 3) -02 LED"

Surgical ceiling lights ensure proper lighting, maintaining normal color transmission in operating blocks.

The structures are equipped with two main lamp units. Inside the housing there are diodes capable of providing more than 50,000 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Ceiling nonsense surgical lamp eliminates shadow effects, flickering and pulsation.

The device is attached to the ceiling in the center of the room for better lighting of the working area, regardless of the patient's location.

The mount is considered versatile due to the ability to move the lighting in the desired direction within the operating unit.


Smooth movement of components and uniform, uniform surface lighting thanks to innovative shadow control.

The management concept allows for easy and flexible control of all functions.

The highest quality metal provides the highest reliability and investment protection.

Due to its high performance and high energy efficiency, the use of LEDs to illuminate difficult conditions is becoming more common. Compared to conventional lamps, LEDs have a number of technological, economic and environmental advantages: low heat release, minimal energy consumption and almost unlimited service life.

Technical specifications

Illumination at a distance of 1 meter

lux ≥ 150 000

Color temperature

4500К ± 300К

Color Index (Ra)


Depth of lighting

700 - 1500 мм

Number of LEDs

111 + 111

The size of the light field at a distance of 1 meter

200 - 350 мм

Lifetime of the light source

50000 hours

Supply voltage

АС110-240В, 50/60 Гц

Minimum height of the installation room

2950 мм

Total power consumption

400 Вт

Climatic design

УХЛ 4.2

Electrical safety protection class in accordance with GOST 12.2.025-76

Class В

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