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X-ray surgical digital mobile system "SiKoRD-MT"

Multi-purpose X-ray surgical digital mobile system type C-arc with flat panel dynamic receiver designed for intraoperative imaging in surgical interventions.

The apparatus has a wide range of clinical applications in surgery, urology, gynecology,traumatology and orthopedics, angiography, in interventional interventions, where patient positioning, control of surgeon's intraoperative actions is required, X-ray therapy.

"SiKoRD-MT" system is equipped with dynamic flat-panel receiver of the latter 30x30 cm generation with high quantum efficiency and extended dynamic range that provides excellent image quality, no artifacts and distortions at image edges and more diagnostic information with a lower dose of X-ray radiation compared to X-ray electron-optical converter.

To display the resulting diagnostic image and patient data as well as for performing image setup (post-processing function) system is equipped with mobile rack with image processing unit, two medical monitors and motorized elevator to change the height of the monitors, which allows medical personnel View images freely without interrupting the workflow. All diagnostic images can be transferred to PACS or printed on medical printer (option), which is installed in the standard position on the mobile rack.

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