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8 (495) 049-39-71 (Russia)


KazMedAspap company, part of the group of companies MedRemZavod Holding, founded in 2017. KazMedAspap LLP is a domestic manufacturer of medical equipment registered and approved for use in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, KazMedAspap LLP is the exclusive distributor of one of the best manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment Huvitz Co. Ltd "(South Korea) on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  • State license for pharmaceutical activities
  • Coupons for wholesale and retail sales of medical equipment


  • Centralized medical gas supply systems
  • Complexes of equipment for ensuring air purity in hospitals
  • Medical operating rooms and resuscitation ward consoles
  • Medical stationary and mobile lamps
  • Operating tables
  • Oxygen stations
  • Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiators


  • Service support 24/7
  • Department of projection