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Cabinet for drying and storage of endoscopes MKED 6500

It is used in gastroenterological clinics, in rooms where endoscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy and other similar studies are carried out and is designed to dry washed endoscopes and store them in sterile and reliable form until the next use. Designed for easy and fast use. Convenient for use.

Product Specifications:

  • Stainless steel main body (AISI 304 grade);
  • Simultaneous storage of 7 - 9 - 11 endoscopes;
  • Interface with possibility of control via graphical LCD-screen;
  • Digital observation of temperature, time and humidity parameters;
  • Operating mechanism with possibility of adjusting parameters of time and temperature;
  • 4 ready-made programs for frequently used parameters;
  • Possibility of maintaining constant temperature inside the cabin at the level 25ºC - 40ºC;
  • Thanks to the drying fan of the CAS system, efficient use of electricity, high temperature, fast drying;
  • Two independent thermal fuses for overheating protection;
  • Detachable washing filter at the inlet of the drying fan, which captures dust from the environment;
  • Silent and vibration-free fan system;
  • Lighting (LED), synchronous with door opening/closing and UV system;
  • UV system operating on the most effective wave (254 nm);
  • Easy-to-use safety system (UV does not work when the door is open);
  • 6 mm thick hardened glass door preventing UV penetration;
  • 4 air outlets for antibacterial, filtered purging of internal channels of endoscopes;
  • Easy to use, noiseless guides with endoscope holders with the ability to rotate 360 degrees;
  • Removable, washable holders for endoscopes;
  • Holders with the possibility of suspension in the lower and middle parts;
  • Steps for easy access to endoscopes;
  • Two-section front door with lock;
  • Air duct grids for humidity output;
  • Tray for collecting water under the cabinet;
  • Four wheels (locked) for easy movement;
  • Operating voltage 220 V, maximum operating power 1.5 kW;
  • Sizes: 700х870х2200 mm;
  • CE and TSEK compliance certificates.

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